Solace - 13

1. Loving Sickness-Burning Fuel
2. Indolence
3. King Alcohol
4. Once Around The Sun (Deep Through Time)
5. Common Cause
6. In The Oven
7. Forever My Queen
8. Theme...
9. Try
10.Sled Heavy
11.Rice Burner
12.With Time
13.Shit Kisser (Hidden Track)

"New Jersey's SOLACE whip out their brand of Doom which kicks you square in the nuts. "Loving Sickness-Burning Fuel" is just a whale of a song with its SABBATH inspired riffing, but then take you off into another world with killer guitar solos and a harmonica thrown in for good measure. What a way to kick things off here, right kids?

This CD is simply heavy as FUCK! Listen to "King Alcohol". You will see that it's heavier than hell. The CD is heavy, dark and filled with enough sludge to clog your speakers for a month. Bass god Wino (THE OBSESSED, SPIRIT CARAVAN, ST. VITUS) performs on "Common Cause" and lets it rip on vocals at the same time. SOLACE also manage to squeeze in a PENTAGRAM cover with "Forever My Queen" as well as a cover of AGNOSTIC FRONT's "With Time".

This not Stoner Rock by any means. This is sheer Doom with a bit of groove thrown in for maximum sound. Throw this in and turn the speakers way the fuck up! Make the house rock. (Online February 4, 2003)" [Review By Joe]

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