G.O.R.E.- Never Sober Level

G.O.R.E.- Never Sober Level

01.Stiff ass, macrophallus, much passion, more gel
02.Why pay for love when all are free
03.Black bell is white heart thrashing after some time is
04.Ears tearing sound of vibrator is smashing up womens
05.When thousand womens are pouring one palate is too little
07.Long life for king of animals Pig is king! Eat him all!
08.Food To me!, Sex To me!, Hooch To me! Work Its your
09.Look at toilet bowl reminds me on your face my baby
10.Widgeon is finding snake for nightfly
11.Song about greenpeace man vomiting not so good swallow
12.Bush is pig, Fidel Castro still alive Hitlerrrr

Banda Romena, fudida de Splater/grind! destaque para a ultima musica q é foda p caralho!!

hail desgracera!!!

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