Sons of Azrael-The Conjuration of Vengeance...

Ano: 2007
Gênero: Melodic Death Metal

1. Trail of Flesh
2. Scent of a Dead Whore
3. Wrath
4. Mortal Human Form
5. Sweet Blasphemy
6. End of the Rope
7. 5 5 97
8. Turn That Crown Upside Down
9. Cunjuration of Destruction [Instrumental]
10. Angel Dust

Sons Of Azrael - The Conjuration of Vengeance

Uma boa banda nova de Death metal Melódico!

In the spring of 2004, Sons of Azrael was torn from its formative womb of Buffalo, NY and thrust into the world of extreme music. In a scene that both encourages and discourages growth and creativity, Sons of Azrael has not only survived, but thrived with pride intact, and standards uncompromised. Combining elements of both old and new schools of thrash, death metal, and grindcore, Sons of Azrael is a vicious assault to the senses. Continuing to push themselves as individuals, and collectively as a cohesive unit, their efforts have not gone unnoticed, as the band was rewarded with a contract from Ironclad/Metal Blade records in the fall of 2006.

A modified cliche would insist that a \"band is greater than the sum of it\'s parts\", but to know how great a band is, you must first know what the equation is made of. Between vocalist Joseph Siracuse\'s violent, aurally terrorized rants, guitarists Tony Lorenzo and Greg DiPasquale\'s neck breaking riffs and throat slitting leads, and the cannon-blasting, thunder-booming rythm section made up of Derrick Sadkowski on drums, and Rob Steinwandel on Bass guitar, this band has all corners covered. With a live show that matches the chaos and intensity of the 1992 L.A. riots, you too will soon leave a Sons of Azrael show feeling robbed and looted of energy, and more than likely feeling like a brick was slammed into your skull.

The year of 2007 offers the ultimate test for Sons of Azrael, the culmination of three years of hard work and dedication arrives in the form of their debut album, \"the Conjuration of Vengeance\". The band will be taking the show on the road shortly before it\'s release in Fall 2007 to a town near you, turning crowds into cults, and skeptics into believers. So in closing, beware, for what you are about to hear is the sound of hell on earth...This is Sons of Azrael.

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